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The blockchain space is one of the most dynamic, fast-paced, and turbulent sectors one can be in. While it is an awesome industry to explore, there is a lot of noise and it is quite difficult to not get crushed by information overload.

With the Staking Facilities monthly newsletter, we want to provide our subscribers with distilled information and updates about our portfolio projects, the staking ecosystem, and news from the overall blockchain industry.

Read what matters

We will distill the most important information for you so that you do not need to browse through one post after another. You’ll find links to the most relevant news and updates as well as to blog posts, videos, and podcasts that we think are worthy of your precious time.

Join the next evolution of the internet

Be ahead of the herd and dive into the exciting world of blockchains, staking, and Web 3.0. We were born too late for the golden era of the internet during which the foundations for great fortunes were laid, and awesome ideas were born.

However, as the saying goes - history does not repeat itself but rhymes - we believe you have a great opportunity now to join the next evolution of the internet, namely Web 3.0. Participate in this evolution and take the leap - you will not regret it!

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